The candle is used for a light source, and sometimes used to generate heat, and includes a string or an embedded wick and a solid fuel.

Today, most candles are made of paraffin. Before the advent of electricity, candles and light bulbs were used for lighting. Today, however, candles are used for emergency lighting during power outages or for creating a romantic setting or for religious ceremonies. This issue has been shared by many nations with different cultures and traditions. Many of us consider the candle only as one of the decorative elements of the house. But it should be said that the candles, apart from their efficiency, which produce light, are a source of positive energy and warm the home environment. Scented candles are used in freshness. Candles are one of those arts that everyone likes.

In my opinion, it is a great entertainment as well as a beautiful and lasting art. Of course, I think that I can make everything myself, and I’m very fond of it and I get a lot of energy from it. When using a candle , some safety tips should be followed. For example, never turn on a candle without a glow, and avoid placing candles in the reach of children.

Bake cakes and sweets are one of the most delicious entertainment that can be experienced at home and with family members.

Bake a cake at home is much easier than you can think of. Just spend a little bit and make your favorite cake simple at home. It costs less and can give you a happy and lovely day. Before all, you need to know is that cookies and confectionery need a piece of equipment that you must have in your kitchen.

In fact, what improves the quality of a cake is its good ingredients. I would recommend never using old-fashioned materials to bake cakes at home and do not waste your labor.

When you smell the sweets in the space of the house, you’ll be drunk. Sweets are divided into two types of dry and wet.

Cookies are not used to make with cream and can be kept for a long time. Pastries are used to make with the cream and kept in storage in a refrigerator. You should be good at making pastries; you will not be baking a good pastry with amazement. So smile and close your forehead


Desserts are usually served at the end of a meal. Most desserts are sweet, but sometimes other foods like cheeses are used as desserts.

In some countries, such as Iran, there is no separate section called dessert. They also serve sweets or fruit salads along with the main food Desserts are often considered a separate meal in many other places, and sometimes they even eat desserts sometimes after eating the main course.

For example, in Europe, desserts are the fruit that is consumed at the end of the day, although often accompanied by podding from fruit or dumplings or soufflé or tart, and many Americans eat sweets at last. In addition to a variety of desserts in different countries, ice cream and fruit cakes serve desserts as well. Cakes, muffins, fruit, jelly, ice cream, pudding, yogurt, etc. all are desserts.


What do you think is the most delicious food?

In general, the taste of food is a perfectly tasty thing. Some are like of salty foods, some are sweet, and on the other, they like a lot of spicy foods; as a result, delicious foods are divided into different categories.

Like people in the country of India, they generally like hot foods, and we Iranians love sour foods, sweet and even salty. Some foods are very easy and quick to cook, but some foods, especially stew, require more time to cook.

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